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"I totally recommend that anyone who wants to really understand BPD buy A.J. Mahari's ebooks and audio programs. Along with all her stuff on the web they are even more insightful and informative. After purchasing A.J.'s products I did some life coaching with her too. A.J. doesn't just write about BPD, she has lived it. She has lived both sides of it. She is an amazing life coach too. With A.J.'s support I am making my way through the pain and grief of having loved someone with BPD and coming to terms with the reasons for the relationship and my need to let go."

-- Rick Meyers, Scotland

"I would highly recommend A.J. Mahari as life coach especially for those who are non borderline. I worked with A.J. over the course of 6 months as I struggled to end my relationship with my BPD girl friend. A.J. was compassionate, supportive, and so patient with me. I don't think I'd be where I am today without A.J.'s support."

-- Marty Green, Ontario, Canada

"A.J., your ebook about Verbal Abuse helped me to realize so much. I needed to know that I was placing myself in danger and that verbal abuse is not something to minimize. I also needed to know that toxic relating isn't love. Thanks so much for writing and making that ebook available."

-- Duke P., Ireland

Core Wound of Abandonment in BPD 3 Ebook Series

Core Wound of Abandonment in BPD 3 Ebook Series

Price: $69.99


A.J. Mahari has written 3 ebooks that all deal with aspects of what she has termed the "core wound of abandonment" in Borderline Personality Disorder. In this bundle you can purchase all 3 ebooks together. This purchase package is for anyone wanting to learn much more about Borderline Personality Disorder whether you have BPD or are a non borderline and know someone who had BPD.

Included in this 3 Ebook Bundle are the following ebooks:

  • The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder
  • The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder
  • The Shadows and Echoes of Self - The False Self in Borderline Personality Disorder

Also available now is A.J. Mahari's Core Wound of Abandonment In BPD 5 Ebook Bundle. This bundle includes the three ebooks above along with the following 2 Ebooks:

  • The Lost Self In Borderline Personality Disorder - The On-Going Impact of Abandonment In BPD 1
  • The Rock and a Hard Place of Borderline Personality Disorder - Abandonment Obstacles To Recovery From BPD

    "The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder"

    The Abandoned Pain of Borderline Personality Disorder Ebook
    A.J. examines the reality that, for those diagnosed with BPD, the abandonment of one's own pain is the result of the distorted belief that it must be escaped at all costs. Outling that those who go on to develop BPD had to initially abandon their pain in order to actually survive psychologically, albeit in fragmented pieces. However, in adulthood those with BPD must now welcome back in this abandoned and dissociated pain in order to integrate the fragments of self. It is these fragments of self and the loss of one's authentic self that leaves those with BPD without a known identity or stable sense of a known self. Being held at bay, dissociated from one's own authentic self by this abandoned borderline pain is what keeps those with BPD so stuck in untold profound suffering, isolation, learned helplessness, and alienated loneliness.









    "The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder"

    The Legacy of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder Ebook
    This ebook presents a thorough examination and explanation of the core wound of abandonment in BPD. It is the second ebook in a series of 5 exploring various aspects of what A.J. has termed the "core wound of abandonment" that she identified in her journey of recovery as the wound that is central to what BPD actually is and how and why it persists. Mahari examines what she calls "the core wound of abandonment" as one who has been there, as a woman who had BPD and has recovered.


    In this comprehensive ebook, A.J. outlines the definition, scope, and meaning of the core wound of abandonment. She describes it as the central wound that drives the emotional and relational devastation experienced by those with BPD, those who treat them, and those who care about and/or love them.


    The anatomy of the core wound of abandonment is examined and explained. Along with her own experience of abandonment and her ruptured relationship with her own mother, A.J. has written an unbelievably detailed and insightful examination and explanation of the core wound of abandonment. A.J. offers her readers, in this ebook, a detailed look at how and why the core wound of abandonment is so destructive to those with BPD and everyone who gets anywhere near them relationally. A.J. writes that the destruction of the core wound of abandonment leads directly to the loss of self - a loss of authentic self that creates the false self organization of Borderline Personality Disorder. She also offers solutions and maps out the things that every borderline needs to learn if they want to recover, as A.J. has. A.J. shares the steps that she had to take, the pitfalls that block change and the awareness required to get on and stay on the road of and to recovery.

    Whether you have BPD or are in (have been in)a relationship (friend, family member, significant other, ex-partner) with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as any professional treating someone with BPD will benefit from the insight A.J. Mahari shares from her own borderline experience, and her journey to her recovery from BPD.

    "The Shadows and Echoes of Self - The False Self in BPD"

    False Self Core Wound of Abandonment in Borderline Personality Disorder Ebook

    In this ebook A.J. Mahari examines the root cause of the false self in BPD. Included is a comprehensive look at the similarities and differences between Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). A.J. Mahari delves into the subject of cultural narcissism as a backdrop for the narcissism housed within BPD exploring the reality that narcissism is not just a stalwart of NPD. Mahari explores various archetypes and myths aimed at increasing the readers understanding of narcissism in a cultural context.


    From her experience as someone who has recovered from Borderline Personality Disorder, Mahari looks at the roots and origins of pathological narcissism through the Myth of Narcissus and its relation to the borderline lack of self that gives way the pathologically narcissistic false self in Borderline Personality Disorder.


    With reference to Plato's Myth of the Cave and Jung's Shadow Self, Mahari defines and paints an accurate picture of the false self of BPD, its pathological narcissism, and its need for narcissistic defense mechanisms and the effect that this has internally for those with BPD and externally for those around them - non borderlines.


    Mahari knows from personal experience that it is only by becoming aware of one's borderline false self and its pathological narcissism that those with BPD can then do the work of uncovering and finding the lost authentic self. The authentic self that was lost to the core wound of abandonment in early chlidhood. This is the road to recovery for those with BPD. It must first begin with a mindful and radically accepting awareness and understanding of the borderline false self and its bubble of narcissism.

    All Audio Programs are in mp3 format. All Ebooks are in PDF format. Audio Programs and Ebooks are available for electronic download only upon purchase.


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    Quotes From A.J. Mahari

    "At the heart of the core wound of abandonment in BPD and its impact are many factors. Central among these factors however is the pain of loss. The pain of abandonment. The loss of authentic self."

    -- A.J. Mahari in her Ebook, "Understanding BPD - The Lost Self - The Impact of the Core Wound of Abandonment"

    "There are 10 Key Facts at the heart of Borderline Personality Disorder that every non borderline needs to understand. To begin facing the facts of BPD and what it means to the non borderline, you have to first know what the facts really are. Not just the traits that define BPD but the facts of what the experience is and why it is so painful for family members, loved ones, and relationship partners."

    -- A.J. Mahari in her Audio Program, "Facing 10 Key Facts About BPD - For Non Borderlines"

    "If you have Borderline Personality Disorder you have met your one true enemy -- yourself -- namely, your false self to be much more specific. This false self becomes the shadow self experienced by those with BPD. The more you deny the Shadow Self, the more likely it is that you will be blind to your own faults and find those faults in others. Denying the false self, the shadow self, in BPD, only perpetuates your pain and suffering."

    -- A.J. Mahari in her Ebook, "The Shadows and Echoes of Self - The False in BPD"