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"I have BPD and I had absolutely no hope for myself until I listened A.J. Mahari's Audio, Finding Hope From the Polarized Negativity of BPD. This and a few other audios I listened to taught me so much. I now have hope. I now understand how I have kept myself trapped in my own borderline chaos as a way of not feeling my pain. I can now change this. I highly recommend others with BPD listen to A.J.'s Audios for Borderlines."

-- Lindy Sinclair, U.S.A.

"A.J.'s Ebook and Audio Program for Non Borderlines - The Dilemma on The Other Side of BPD was a life-saver for me. From both the ebook and the audio program I learned so much about BPD that I still needed to understand so that I could make sense out of the chaos and turmoil of a relationship I was in and the pain of it all. This information helped me come to terms with the reality that love wasn't really what I thought it was. Thanks so much A.J.!"

-- Cindy Mcphail, London, England

"I bought A.J. Mahari's ebook, on Loneliness. Wow! So much insightful and informative stuff. I had not ever really thought about there being anything positive about loneliness. You taught me so much. I have been able to make some wonderful changes in my life because your ebook helped me to learn that the place to start was with my attitude toward and thoughts about loneliness. Thanks so much A.J. and may God continue to bless all the work that you do."

-- Sue Johnson, Australia

A.J. Mahari's Coaching Guide/Ebook/Workbook - Quest For Self Awareness & Creating Your Story of Success Audio

A.J. Mahari's Coaching Guide/Ebook/Workbook - Quest For Self Awareness & Creating Your Story of Success Audio

Price: $39.99

A.J. Mahari's Coaching Guide/Ebook/Workbook - Quest For Self - Building Self Awareness
and A.J. Mahari coaching you on the audio, "Quest For Self - Creating Your Own Story of Success"

This Ebook/Coaching Guide and Workbook all in one features 25 Life Coaching Exercises to help you gain more awareness and insight about yourself, your goals and dreams, and what might be keeping you stuck and blocked from identifying your goals and/or dreams and accomplishing your goals so you can achieve your dreams.

This Ebook is 139 pages chalk full of insight, inspiration, and important information for anyone on a journey of recovery, healing, the search for authentic self, or wanting and needing to know more about him or herself and achieve a healthier more balanced emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness in your life.

Included in this Ebook/Coaching Guide/Workbook, among other things, is:

  • 25 Life Coaching Exercises To Build Self Awareness and Understand Yourself Better
  • Five Key Ways to Find Inspiration
  • 5 Proven Tips to Turn Your Plans Into Reality
  • 7 Ways to Accept Yourself For Who You Are
  • Keeping an Open Mind: How to Embrace New Ideas
  • How Yoga and Meditation Can Help You Balance Your
    Mind and Body
  • Believing in the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  • How to Let Go of the Past and Move Forward in Your
  • Setting Goals for Success: 5 Tips to Define Clear Goals
This Ebook/Guide/Workbook also comes with an audio by A.J. Mahari, entitled, "Quest For Self - Creating Your Own Story of Success" It is a journey of its own - a journey of hope and inspiration, motivation, and important information for anyone wanting to get unblocked and unstuck in their lives and wanting to create positive healthy change.

In this audio A.J. shares a fable, "Breaking the Mold" that illustrates an important moral of a story that you will benefit from applying to the story of your own life - the creating of the story of your success. A.J. talks about goals, asks her listeners and readers questions that are important to journal about and consider on the journey that is the quest for authentic self and building self awareness. A.J. gives some examples of her own life and experience with both failure and success and how really the two are not as opposite or unrelated as most people seem to think. It is an educational and inspirational 120 minute audio that will give you lots of food for thought about how you can find success on your journey for the quest for your authentic self and over-all in your life. Mahari talks about what success really means and the reality that there isn't just one type of success or one way to find it. Mahari stresses that you can endure and that adversity is an awesome teacher. There is more than one road to success. If one road is blocked you an always find another. The key is to find out who you really are, trust that person, and believe in that person. Open and the way will be shown to you.
Excerpt Below:


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Quotes From A.J. Mahari

"What is in the way - is the way. If you have Borderline Personality Disorder it is the fundamental absence of a known self that sits at the very core of your pain, anger, and your rage. It is your rage that stands between your borderline pain and suffering and your recovery. Your lack of a known and defined self is what is in your way."

-- A.J. Mahari in her Ebook, "Rage And BPD"

"The collective experiences compiling in the very young infant are forming an internal representation of the world. The core wound of abandonment results in the destruction of the emerging authentic self. It destroys the very essence of the developing self. Emotional growth and development are arrested as the result of failure to master early childhood developmental phases."

-- A.J. Mahari in her Ebook, "The Legacy of Abandonment in BPD"

"The central dilemma of the non borderline presents you with a quandary that in and through its predicament reveals a puzzle that you then feel compelled to solve. The what-to-do conundrum is unearthed. Your pain, the pain of loving someone with BPD compels you to want to help and to want to fix the problem to restore a sense of connectedness that continues to be puzzling, painful, and illusive. Where is love in all of this?"

-- A.J. Mahari in her Ebook, "The Dilemma on the Other Side of BPD" - Borderline Love?